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"Love yourself healthy" ~ Ram Giri                     

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"Ram Giri is devoted to love, to what works, to peace and all the people on this earth."

~Byron Katie, author of "Loving What Is"

"Ram Giri’s deep work takes you into your true identity and your heart relationship to other beings.  He doesn’t think he’s just a therapist and that frees you to be who you are, not just a patient."

~Ram Dass, author of “Be Here Now”

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The Skills

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"Love is the most healing force in the world. Nothing goes deeper than love: it heals not only the body, not only the mind, but also the soul. If one can love, then all one`s wounds disappear. Then one becomes whole - and to be whole is to be holy."


What can make the crucial difference in your healing?

You are doing your best to recover. You're in the care of good doctors, and yet you may have asked yourself questions like, "What else must I do to give myself the best chance that my medical treatments will succeed?" "What can I do so my whole being is able to heal?" and "Why would this approach be right for me?"

Here are some of the questions we get every week:

"It really shifted, my whole body relaxed, it felt healing. I really enjoyed the meditations, managed to sink into the heart quickly, felt glowing, pulsing sensations, lightness and energy throughout my body. I’ve been feeling much more centered and loving, accepting of myself, connected to my heart, feeling really present and open."

~Daniel Kendall, Great Britain

"I have no serious illness other than the psycho-emotional baggage accumulated in 55 years!  I have been doing the HeartSourcing meditations, and attended your last event. I LOVE the way you have distilled down the essence of so much that is out there and presented it in such a simple, concise, easy form.  I think yours is the stuff I've been looking for --- Thank you, I very much look forward to getting started in this course."

~Diana Mars, Miami, USA

About this Course...

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Take a moment... Imagine yourself right now, as you are reading this, free of stressful thoughts and emotions and with your Heart wide open. What is that like? Let yourself feel the effect this state of openness has on your body. Can you perceive how powerful such freedom from suffering is? Can you sense how greatly it will affect your healing?

What is the purpose of medicine?

"I would describe the ultimate purpose of medicine as follows: to assist all beings to experience unbounded love and joy and to know this is the essence of who we truly are. This purpose deserves attention fully equal to the relative purpose of curing disease."

Jeremy R. Geffen, M.D. author of
"The Journey through Cancer"


"Your approach to healing is such a confirmation of my own learning of MY LIFE--THE LIFE that I am now much more awakened to living then ever before! Yes, it... finally begins to open my eyes, I am truly well..."

Inta Dzelme, Breast Cancer Patient, Latvia

"What I like the most about this course is your beautiful energy, your genuine care and LOVE!! I feel that I have a friend in you and that makes me very happy."

Adriana Martinez, Florida, USA

"...I am going over the first week again -- each day is so profound that I wanted to review before moving on. I notice a difference in the way I am handling daily "stuff"… it keeps me grounded, centered & in my "right" mind & heart. I cannot thank you enough. What you have put together is amazing."

Diana Mars, Florida, USA

Dr. Ram Giri Braun's Bio

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During the last four decades my heart has slowly learned to dance, and my mind has learned to shut up (at times).

We die to what is not true. This death / rebirth stuff is amazing. It is life at its fullest. After a while we aren’t so scared of going into the darkness, because we know what it leads to: freedom from fear, our true nature. I love accompanying others into their places of darkness so they will find their own light. It is such a privilege.

I've come to know what I consider the most effective methods toward Self-Realization, the end of suffering, and the Awakening of the human Heart. This enables me to show you the short-cuts and the direct path to a deep happiness that can last.

Enriching you enriches me. That is the nature of Pure Love!

Thank you and Namaste!

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"You have helped me grow/heal/love more than any one person in my life."

Penny Marshal, Vero Beach, USA

"...The course is gorgeous... I enjoy the direct meditations a lot. I feel warmth, peace, limitless light and a tremendous energy."

Nadja Bhogal, India

"HeartSourcing is amazing! It completely changed me. There is a clear 'before' and 'after' in my life. Through the practice I've become a lot more present and open to love, especially from others. It opens a door to a shortcut that guides you to become what we truly are: love. And I think that is what freedom is: to become what we truly are."

Sol Alonso, Miami, USA

"I'm finding the HeartSourcing technique to be my most effective way to manage chronic pain. What a perfect way to soften the muscles and relax the mind. It does become an automatic reflex with continued practice. It is used daily!"

Chris Franklin, Chronic Pain Patient, Florida, USA

"What keeps us alive? What allows us to endure? I think it is the hope of loving, or being loved."

Meister Eckhart

"You've been fearful and have worried. You have imagined that terrible things will happen to you. And what has it done for you? Worry, fear and stress make you sick and make you suffer. They are never helpful. You can change these unwholesome habits now. Start today and evolve from a worrier of the mind into a warrior of the Heart. You deserve no less."

-Ram Giri

*Any Testimonials referred to in this website were volunteered by the makers without an offer of compensation. The results achieved by the course users who recorded and wrote their testimonials, may not be typical, can not be guaranteed nor expected to work for everyone or every illness.


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